About Richard

Richard has been in practice since 1991, graduating from the Glasgow School in 1989. Through teaching night classes over 10 years including for the Edinburgh School of Shiatsu, Richard's technique matured and developed.
He employs a variety of energetic styles in his treatment; both the more physical, stronger techniques and the lighter, emotive ones.
Over the years Richard studied with some renowned teachers, from Elaine Liechti to Pauline Sasaki, Wataru Ohashi and Shinmei Kishi, and many others. Each teacher assisted in the development of the way Richard works and he is always looking to extend his technique further.
Following a Lengthy period of not teaching Shiatsu, Richard has decided to drop his registered teacher status.
Registered as a Practitoner with The Shiatsu Society UK.
The letters M.R.S.S. indicate he is a Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society.

One of my clients favourite techniques.